A command line tool to securely and automatically manage, store environment variables.
Typescript NodeJS Crypto AES CyberSecurity Git
  • A command-line app that is used to securely and automatically manage environment variables with version control
  • Has over 50+ weekly downloads and has been used by developers from Vercel, Nextjs, trpc, etc.


sanjib-senUpdated Jan 9, 2024
A complete alternative for Overleaf with VSCode + Web + Git Integration + Grammarly + Live Collaboration Support
Docker GitHub Codepaces Container LaTex
  • Combined the concept of Docker containers and GitHub Codespaces to build an all-in-one LaTeX IDE with VSCode on the Web + Git + Grammar & Spelling Checker + Live Collaboration support which was trending on GitHub
  • Has been used by over 5700 university professors, researchers, students from top universities of the world including MIT, Harvard, UCLA, UBC, University of Cambridge, ETH Zurich, industry professionals, and consumers

Ride With BRACU

sanjib-senUpdated Sep 18, 2023
A Ride Sharing app only for BRAC University Students
Typescript TailwindCSS NextJS Prisma SWR
  • Used sessionStorage as a middleware for fetching and sending data before DB queries which reduced the need of using frequent DB queries as well as improved the performance by 10x


sanjib-senUpdated Sep 18, 2023
A command line app where users can search and play YouTube videos instantly with Voice Recognition and text commands
Python speech-recognition Bash pytube
  • Fixed a microphone not working bug in Linux by dumping the mic instance to dev/null.

SenOS (In Development)

An Arch Linux-based operating system for keyboard-oriented users who prefers performance over anything
Linux Bash i3 rofi Python
  • Used i3-gaps as a tiling window manager with custom and easier keyboard shortcuts
  • Created the Start Menu in a way that the Search also shows results from Browser Bookmarks
  • (In Progress) Making a portable dev environment with one command installation process

BRACU LMS All in One

sanjib-senUpdated Sep 18, 2023
Get course deadlines, exam schedules and Download lecture videos from buX, a learning management platform for BRAC University
NextJS MaterialUI Puppeteer Axios Automation
  • Used puppeteer with headless function to scrape the deadline in server side instead of client side making the performance 2x faster.

Kwikpic Image Optimizer

sanjib-senUpdated Jan 20, 2023
A GUI Based desktop app made with PyQT6 which can be used for optimize large image files and reduce the file size without losing much quality
Python pyqt opencv
  • Used threading to improve multi-core performance and scaling

SenFlix (Still in Alpha)

A GUI Based Media Server running on Docker on top of Ubuntu using radarr, sonarr, bazarr, lidarr, readarr, prowlarr, jellyfin, heimdall, portainer
shell docker python Linux
  • Made an automation script to install necessary containers with custom configuration using a single command

Automated Cart System

sanjib-senUpdated Sep 18, 2023
Automated and Real time shopping cart and user management for large super shops
php MySQL html Bootstrap5
  • Integrated auth process to PHP session management so that it can be run on Embedded devices


sanjib-senUpdated Dec 13, 2023
Download single video or all videos from a Playlist or Channels with Subtitles from YouTube with GUI
Python Tkinter BeautifulSoup4 Requests youtube-dl
  • Added temporary data storage pool for resume incomplete downloads feature

Smart Calendar

sanjib-senUpdated Sep 18, 2023
A desktop calendar app with ton of features and widgets
Python pyqt5 google_calendar_api
  • Used Python’s asyncio library to integrate asynchronous non-blocking function which does not affect other functionalities