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Tutorial Class

There will be some tutorial sessions for those who got MAT110 and PHY111. If you are struggling to understand the topics or want to have a head start with these courses it is highly recommended to join those tutorial sessions. Md. Saif Kabir and Shahed Alam Sir will be your instructors. These sessions are open to everybody. Join in your desired time.

Google Classroom for Tutorial Sessions

Links for Recorded Classes can be found here

Academic Aid



Other Courses

Faculty Suggestions for Recorded Class

  • MAT092: NAS
  • MAT110: AQD, AII
  • CSE110: TAW, NZN
  • PHY111: HSN

Academic Policies

Attendance Policy

Minimum 85-90% In BIL Courses, Minimum 70% In All Other Courses. Below That Will Lead You To Get BARRED.

Probation Policy

If your CGPA falls below 1.5 you will be in probation period. There will be some restrictions and policy for that period. If you can't improve your grade within 2 semesters you will suspended.
If you get less than 1.0 in the first semester you will be asked to withdraw your admission.

Retake and Repeat

  1. Retake: A student getting “F” grade in a course will be allowed to retake the course twice with the proviso that the student received at least a C grade in all other subjects taken during the semester. In other words, getting a D or F in more than one subject in a semester will allow the student to retake F grade subject only once. In case of non-credit course (091/092 category) taken in the first/second semester, will only be allowed to retake once. However, course so retaken will not be awarded more than B plus (B+) grade.
  1. Repeat: Students with a grade of B minus (B-) or below may repeat a course once; but shall not be awarded a grade of more than B plus (B+) in that particular course.
  1. Probation: Students are expected to maintain a minimum CGPA of 1.5, otherwise the student will be put on probation for the following semester. If a student on probation fails to raise CGPA to 1.5 in two consecutive semesters s/he will be dismissed from the University. Students whose grade point average is below 1.0 in their first semester may be asked to withdraw from the university. Students will be allowed to continue with a CGPA of 1.50 up to sixth semester, (in case of Pharmacy students up to fourth semester). However, at the end of the sixth semester/fourth semester for Pharmacy, students must have a CGPA of 2.00 in order to continue his/her studies in the undergraduate programs.

Academic Calendar

All of the academic dates can be found here

Course Add/Drop

Before dropping a course, students should consult with their academic advisors. There is no refund of tuition for individual courses dropped after the last day of the change of program period.
Ceasing/stopping to attend classes or simply notifying the instructor does not constitute dropping a course or a semester. If a student wants to drop a course (or courses), s/he must formally/ officially drop the course(s) from the semester other wise it will appear as an "F" grade on the transcript and affect the CGPA. If a student can not continue a semester for any reason must drop the semester.
Dropping a course during the change of academic calendar A student may drop a course with or without refund within the calendar period of add/ drop of the semester. Courses dropped within this period do not appear on a student's transcript and does not affect CGPA. Dropping with W grade After the late drop deadline, students may drop a course. Courses dropped after the late drop deadline but prior to the final drop deadline will be recorded on the transcript with the notation "W" (withdrew). Students are charged full tuition for individual courses from which they selectively withdraw. "W" grade appear on a student's transcript but does not affect CGPA.
Dropping a course after the deadline Student applies to drop a course(s) after the final drop deadline may be granted with the permission of the department only with documentation of extenuating circumstances (such as a serious illness or a crisis beyond the student's control or even for a wrong advising ).Some courses can also be dropped with the permission of head the department. BRACU has specific policy regarding courses dropping or replacing in this regard:
  • In case of department change, all courses that are not transferred or required for the accepting program will be dropped at the time of department change. Students need close monitoring and counseling while changing the department.
  • Equivalent and Elective courses, within the area of the program or out side the area, will be treated as same and can be dropped with the permission of head the department.
  • Courses that are not presently offered by the department may be dropped depending on the situations of the student and the departments.\ Students dropping a course after the deadline will have to fill up a Course Drop Form (form link given in previous slide) with sufficient documents. Course dropped in such situation will not affect the CGPA and will not appear on transcript. Students have to follow the following directions for course drop:
  • Collect the form and fill it up accordingly
  • Take approval by the Dean/Chair of your respective Department
  • Submit the Form to the Registrar's Office with Sufficient Documents.
  • Check Calendar for Adding/Dropping Course here

Semester Drop

Students have to apply through the Semester Drop Form (form link is given above) with sufficient documents for semester drop. Dropping a whole semester does not affect the CGPA and will not appear on the transcripts. Students have to follow the following directions for semester drop:
  • Collect the form and fill it up accordingly
  • Verify your Medical Certificate/Documents along with your Health Card from BRACU medical center (for medical ground)
  • Take approval of the course teacher/s
  • Take approval from the Dean/Chair. of your respective department
  • Take approval from the Registrar
  • Submit the Form to the Registrar’s Office with sufficient documents.

Residential Semester

Students Are Eligible To Attend The RS In Their Second/Third Semester, After Completing Their First Semester At Mohakhali To A Satisfactory Standard. This Requires Students To Have Attained A Minimum CGPA Of 1.5 And Passed The English 091 Course. Completing The Rs Is Compulsory For All BRACU Students, As It Is A Requirement For Every Degree. Students Who Fail To Attend This Program Will Not Be Able To Graduate From BRACU.
Details At : BRACU Website


Details can be found here

Department Change

  • Get the approval of the Chairperson of the accepting dept.
  • Get the approval of the Chairperson of the releasing dept.
  • Submit the duly filled and signed application form to the Registrar’s office.

Student Tutors

Join CSE ST Lab in discord to get study related help from student tutors. Ask Your Respective Faculty Members For The Infos Of ST / TA and the discord invitation link.


The list:
  1. BRAC University Computer Club
  1. BRAC University Debate Club
  1. BRAC University Business & Economics Forum
  1. BRAC University Communication & Language Club
  1. BRAC University Response Team
  1. BRAC University Adventure Club
  1. Football Club of BRAC University
  1. Cricket BRAC University
  1. BRAC University Marketing Association
  1. BRAC University Film Club
  1. BRAC University Leadership Development Forum
  1. BRAC University Law Society
  1. BRAC University Art & Photography Society
  1. BRAC University Natural Sciences Club
  1. BRAC University Pharma Society
  1. BRAC University Drama And Theatre Forum
  1. IABC BRAC University
  1. BRAC University Chess Club
  1. Finance and Accounting Club of BRAC University
  1. Robotics Club of BRAC University
  1. BRAC University Electrical and Electronic Club
  1. BRAC University Indoor Games Club
  1. BRAC University Cultural Club
  1. BRAC University Entrepreneurship Development Forum
  1. BRAC University Business Club
  1. BRAC University Economics Club

Counselling Unit

Counseling Unit is to support an environment that fosters personal growth, development, and psychological wellbeing of students, faculty members and staffs through direct counseling service, education, and prevention. The Counseling Unit is committed to:
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Human Rights and Equality
  • Promoting Respect for individual and cultural differences
  • Following ethical guideline
  • Provide empathy and support
  • Access and equity

To Make Appointment

Student, faculties and staff can directly make an appointment with the counselors.
One can also contact with the counselors over phone or find the Information Form and send it to the Counseling Unit's e-mail.
To refer anyone, please find the Referred Form and send it to the Counseling Unit directly or via e-mail.


Mohakhali Campus Room No: (UB 20205, UB20206, UB 20805, UB 20905, UB20908, UB 21105, UB60703 and UB 60708)\ Rankstel: +8809617445157, +8809617445158\ Telephone: +880-2-9844051 Ext. 4053
Residential Campus (Savar) Onnesha Building, Room No. OB104 and OB105\ Telephone: 148 (ext)


Other Services

buX Guideline

Get Google Calendar Notifications

Course Enrollment

  • From the link, first try to enroll yourself in your desired course.
  • If you cannot enroll in your desired course, please contact with your respective course instructor and share your active buX account information and request them to add you in the desired course.
  • If you do not know the email addresses of the course instructor, then collect it from the Department Coordinator (DCO).

buX Support

Youtube Playlist for BUX

  • For more information on buX, please watch the following Videos



  1. I filled up the form and that time I didn't have a NID number. I got my NID number recently. Am I eligible to register on Answer: Please go to the form link and click "edit your response" and provide your correct NID. Form link: We will send the latest NID list to the Health Ministry and it will take some time to process. We will inform you soon when to register in
  1. I don't have a NID number, what can I do for vaccination? Answer: Without an NID number you cannot register in First, apply for NID and after getting it share the NID number using the link below:
  1. I have edited or have given my NID number using another email address. Am I eligible to register on immediately? Answer: No. Only when the university shares the NID number with Health Ministry only then you are able to register in So please wait for some days. We will inform you when to register.
  1. I have provided my NID before 29 June. Why did I fail to register on Answer: You must use the same date of birth and NID number that you shared with us to register on You may wait for some hours/days and try later. If again failed please email at: [email protected]
  1. I have completed my degree. Am I eligible to register on Answer: No. Only current students are allowed to register.
  1. Can I change my Vaccination center? Answer: No. You cannot change it.


With out registration message you will not get vaccination message. You need to register first.

Some Useful Forms

  • Complete Semester Drop is used by students to drop a semester (students have to submit sufficient documents for semester drop)
  • Complete Semester Drop(word file) is used by students to drop a semester (students have to submit sufficient documents for semester drop)

Important Emails


Only for Department Change, Semester Drop etc.
Mr. G.M. Zilani
Mr. Md. Rezwanur Rahman

DCO (Other Courses)

Only for Department Change, Semester Drop etc.
MIC/MAT/APE/PHY/BIO : [email protected]


Concerned Office
Email address
BuX team
Online class -buX
Information Office
Regular Scholarship/Financial aid info/
IT System Office
Gsuite account (create,id-password)
Student Life
Student assistance fund (SAF)
Office of the Registrar
Student's information change (Name correction, Mbl no.,photo, etc), Letters: Medium of Instruction, Studentship, NOC, Recommendation, Testimonial, Transfer certificate, Character Certificate
Accounts Office
Payment information, Payment Adjustments
Admission Office
Admission, Applicant failed to download Payslip, Applicant wants to change information, Fresher's wrong non-credit course shown purpose
Office of the controller of Examinations
Make up Exam, Probation (block/unblock), Transcript/certificate, Query regarding CGPA/Credit count

FYAT Sessions

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