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👩🏻‍💻 Development Experience

Full Stack Software Engineer

Project Waitless – (Feb 2023 - Dec 2023) - London, UK
DevOps NextJS Docker NodeJS TailwindCSS Redis Kafka
I was responsible for creating Web applications including Admin Portal and Dashboard, Discord-Slack-Team bots and DevOps
  • Created custom flow scripts to replicate real-world scenarios of inventory management procedures of Europe’s popular Bars, Pubs, Clubs, and Restaurants and populated Time Series Database with Upstash Kafka clusters which resulted in over 0.5 million inventory stock data updates streamed in 7 months
  • Built scraper and automation tools using NodeJS Puppeteer and Python Selenium which collected 100k+ venue data and filtered 70k+ duplicates using Google’s Geolocation API
  • Created a customizable interactive dashboard with draggable widgets and insight charts with real-time dynamic data using NextJS, MaterialUI, shadcn/ui and recharts
  • Developed large-scale monorepo using turborepo and Docker containers consisting of web services including admin portal, bot services for slack+discord, server actions for database, cronjobs to automatically post JIRA updates triggering significant increment in productivity
  • Created conversation-based CRM solutions with wiki and GPT support using OpenAi API

Full Stack Developer

bevycommerce – (Aug 2022 - Dec 2022) - Toronto, Canada
Shopify NextJS GraphQL Redux
I was responsible for making Shopify Apps (both Frontend and Backend) and maintain existing apps based on clients’ needs
  • Built share-my-cart Shopify extension using vanilla javascript, react, and redux which generated 12k+ clicks, and 400k$+ revenue in sales by Shopify merchants
  • Developed a preview-enabled CSS editor for styling and customizing Shopify web components from the extension dashboard using NextJS
  • Replaced Context APIs with Redux-toolkit states and reducers to solve an increasing number of shared states usage problem

Software Engineer Intern – (Mar. 2021 - Jun. 2021) - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Java Springboot ReactJS NextJS REST
I was responsible for creating a backend infrastructure for an ecommerce platform
  • Created the backend architecture by following the MVC software design pattern to build the country’s top-growing E-commerce platform which led to 33k monthly users
  • Migrated existing REST API to GRPC which improved the performance of internal microservice API calls by 1.5x

Software Engineer Intern

Online Sohopathi – (Dec. 2021 - Apr. 2021) - Dhaka, Bangladesh
NextJS TypeScript Python MongoDB
I was responsible for creating a backend infrastructure and refactoring outdated codes for an ed-tech platform
  • Developed the backend services with a permission-based manual authentication flow of 600k users
  • Developed scripts for MongoDB collection migration and schema validation which saved 40+ Engineering hours

👩🏻‍💻 Academic Experience

Student Tutor / Teaching Assistant

BRAC University – (Sep. 2021 - Apr. 2022) - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Python Google App Script Selenium Tkinter Web Scraping LaTex
  • Created Python Automation Scripts with Google Sheet API integration to extract obtained marks from Students' answer scripts and automatically upload them to the official Google Sheet Document saving 10+ hours of weekly work for every teacher and teaching assistant
  • Created a Python script that automatically checks students' Python code for plagiarism and then matches the outputs of their program with the actual result for accuracy
  • Created GUI Apps for 10k students to track assessment deadlines and download lectures from registered courses
  • Made YouTube Videos on many different topics to help the students regarding their coursework
  • Created chatbot for Student Management with Google Sheets and Discord Integration

Research Assistant

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Lab, BUET – (May 2022 - Present) - Dhaka, Bangladesh
LaTex OpenCV Tensorflow Python
  • Created GUI apps using PyQt that made the research work more efficient and accessible to volunteers
  • Converted Matlab libs to Python matplotlib, NumPy, and scikit-learn modules resulting in a performance improvement in model training and modularity
  • Configured TensorFlow and CUDA to use Nvidia CUDA to improve the performance of model training and testing for 50 thousand image samples by 12 times

Research Assistant

Computing for Sustainability and Social Good (C2SG) Lab, BRACU - (Apr. 2021 -- Present) - Dhaka, Bangladesh
LaTex Scikit Pandas Numpy Tensorflow Python
  • Created a script that generates Random UIDs and integrates with Google Forms using Google App Script to preserve anonymity among volunteers and track their progress while submitting consecutive forms
  • Used weighted Ensemble Components algorithm replacing traditional Stacking model which improved the stacking model accuracy by 20%
  • Converted 2x2 Confusion Matrix to a 3x3 Matrix which improved the usability of a multi-class research

Academic Instructor + Mentor

BUCC Academy - (Sep. 2020 -- Aug. 2021) - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Python OOP Data Structures Algorithms Operating Systems
  • Taught Python, OOP, Data Structures, Algorithms, and Operating Systems

👑 Leadership Experience


University Of Birmingham – (Sep. 2023) - Birmingham, United Kingdom
SWE Career IT Programming Tutorship
  • Reviewed Final-Year Student Projects and provided suggestions and career insights as an Industry Professional}


BRAC University Computer Club – (Apr. 2019 - Aug 2022) - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Leadership Time Management Event Hosting & Management HRM Flask GitHub
  • Hosted Iranian Geometry Olympiad (2020), Nationwide Competitive Programming, Gaming, Critical Analysis, Photography contest, Workshops, and Webinars
  • Created, Distributed, Managed, and Monitored Problems and Submissions for the Competitive Programming Contest where more than 1500 students participated from different universities
  • Managed 500+ club members, 70 Executives, and 30 Senior Executives
  • Took workshop on Git, Linux, OOP, and Publication Writing in front of 500 audience

Student Mentor

BRAC University – (Aug. 2021 - Dec. 2022) - Dhaka, Bangladesh
LaTex GitHub Markdown Python Flask
  • Have done mentorship of 70+ students relating to course selection, career suggestion, academic result improvement, inspiration, and mental health
  • Created a Knowledge Base portal for students so that they can collect coursework and study resources from one place

🤖 Projects


A command line tool to securely and automatically manage, store environment variables.
Typescript NodeJS Crypto AES CyberSecurity Git
  • A command-line app that is used to securely and automatically manage environment variables with version control
  • Has over 50+ weekly downloads and has been used by developers from Vercel, Nextjs, trpc, etc.


A complete alternative for Overleaf with VSCode + Web + Git Integration + Grammarly + Live Collaboration Support
Docker GitHub Codepaces Container LaTex Cloud
  • Combined the concept of Docker containers and GitHub Codespaces to build an all-in-one LaTeX IDE with VSCode on the Web + Git + Grammar & Spelling Checker + Live Collaboration support which was trending on GitHub
  • It has been used by over 5700 university professors, researchers, and students from top universities of the world including MIT, Harvard, UCLA, UBC, University of Cambridge, ETH Zurich, industry professionals, and consumers

Ride With BRACU

A Ride Sharing app only for BRAC University Students
Typescript TailwindCSS NextJS Prisma SWR
  • Used sessionStorage as a middleware for fetching and sending data before DB queries which reduced the need of using frequent DB queries as well as improved the performance by 10x


A command line app where users can search and play YouTube videos instantly with Voice Recognition and text commands
Python speech-recognition Bash pytube
  • Fixed a microphone not working bug in Linux by dumping the mic instance to dev/null.

SenOS (In Development)

An Arch Linux-based operating system for keyboard-oriented users who prefers performance over anything
Linux Bash i3 rofi Python
  • Used i3-gaps as a tiling window manager with custom and easier keyboard shortcuts
  • Created the Start Menu in a way that the Search also shows results from Browser Bookmarks
  • (In Progress) Making a portable dev environment with one command installation process

BRACU LMS All in One

Get course deadlines, exam schedules and Download lecture videos from buX, a learning management platform for BRAC University
NextJS MaterialUI Puppeteer Axios Automation
  • Used puppeteer with headless function to scrape the deadline in server side instead of client side making the performance 2x faster.

Kwikpic Image Optimizer

A GUI Based desktop app made with PyQT6 which can be used for optimize large image files and reduce the file size without losing much quality
Python pyqt opencv
  • Used threading to improve multi-core performance and scaling

. . . and a lot More

🛠 Skills

Languages: Python, JavaScript, HTML5, LaTex, SQL, MongoDB, Markdown
Frameworks: NextJS, Flask, REST, Django, Google App Script
Libraries: React, Redux, PyQt5, Prisma, NextAuth, Tkinter, Selenium
ML/AI: scikit, NumPy, pandas, TensorFlow, NLP, OpenCV
Frontend: TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, CSS3, MaterialUI
Cloud: Docker, GCP, Vercel, Heroku, Railway, GitHub Actions, Firebase
Others: Problem Solving, Git, Linux, Web Scraping, Automation

🥳 Achievements

  • (2023) Top 10: ”Unveiling Shadows: A Data-driven Insight on Depression among Bangladeshi University Students” journal got listed on SSRN’s Global Top Ten download list in the Psychiatry Journals category
  • (2022) Top 5: Btechwhiz - Inter-university talent hunt program by Bkash out of more than 800+ candidates
  • (2021) Top 10: Student Paper got selected, invited, and presented to the 8th International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security
Presenting our research at International Conference on Network Systems and Security (NSysS 2021)
Presenting our research at International Conference on Network Systems and Security (NSysS 2021)
  • (2021) Champion: Competitive Programming Contest Organized by Sohopathi, out of 3500 candidates
  • (2020, 2021) Top 3: Intra-University Competitive Programming Contest, BRAC University
  • (2019) Champion: Technology-based Article Writing Competition, MSW Science Fest, out of 150+ submissions
  • (2017) Champion: TechMania (Technology Based Quiz Competition), BMARPC Science Fest, out of 750 students

📚 Education

Computer Science and Engineering

BRAC University, Dhaka – (Apr. 2019 - Dec. 2022)
CGPA: 3.67 | Merit-Based Scholarship | VC’s List
Aced Courses: Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Networking, Software Engineering, Database Systems, System Analysis and Design, etc.

📜 Research and Publications

  • [WIP] (ML) Improving the accuracy of ensemble components using stacking
  • [Under Review] (Heliyon) Unveiling Shadows: A Data-driven Insight on Depression among Bangladeshi Students
  • [WIP] (ML, IP) Breast cancer detection and prediction using a combination of multiple technologies
  • [IEEE Emerging Smart Computing and Informatics ESCI-2023] (NLP) Techniques to Estimate the Status of Legal Proceedings Considering Sequential Text Data (Accepted)
  • (WIP) (NLP) Sentimental Analysis using word embedding

📄 Research Interests

HCI, Cloud Computing, NLP, Image Processing, ML, DL, IoT, Embedded Systems

▶️ Videos

  • (NLP) Techniques to Estimate the Status of Legal Proceedings Considering Sequential Text Data
  • (NLP) Usage of Lexicons for Sentiment, Affect, and Connotation
  • (NLP) Usage of Unix tools for Crude Tokenization and Normalization

📄 Articles and Stories

  • Ram Optimization: How Random Access Memory works in different Operating Systems
  • ARM Architecture: Could this be the future of computing?
  • 600 Mile Distance: A real-life story on how a scripting algorithm for an SMTP server can seriously affect humankind (Written in a comedic way)
  • Windows and Security in 2020: How to secure your Windows PC from Viruses, Trojans, Ransomware, and Malware.